Gallogly Family Foundation

Public Interest Law Fellowship    Class of 2021 Application

Application Deadline: September 21, 2020

Interviews: Fall 2020

Start Date: Fall 2021

To apply, submit the following to Kasey DeLuke, Executive Director of the Gallogly Family Foundation, at fellowship[at]

  1. Cover page with your name, date, the name of the sponsoring host organization, and a sentence or two describing the proposed project or work.

  2. Resume

  3. Two Essays

    • Plan for your anticipated work. Applicants may either create a new project with the host organization or work on one of the organization’s ongoing projects.  The plan must include the following:

      • an overview of the project, including the legal rights and client constituency you will address;

      • an explanation of the need for the project;

      • project goals including a discussion of the intended impact of the project on the identified problem;

      • proposed action steps to meet the project goals; and

      • reasons for choosing your host organization.

    • Personal Statement. Please describe your motivation to become a public interest lawyer and how your previous experiences have prepared you for this fellowship.  

  4. Law school transcript(s). The transcript does not need to be an official transcript.

  5. Three professional references. Include the reference’s phone number and email.  The references should be current or former professors or employers (preferably a direct supervisor).  Please do not list your proposed host organization supervisor as a reference here.

  6. A separate letter from your sponsoring host organization confirming its commitment to host you. The letter must include the following:

    • the organization’s purpose and mission;

    • confirmation that the organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit within the United States with at least two attorneys on staff;

    • a statement of the organization’s interest in and commitment to the applicant and project, including any plans for the fellow’s training and professional development;  

    • the name of the fellow’s immediate supervisor, his/her experience in the substantive area of the fellowship project, and plans for supervision;  and

    • commitment that if the applicant is offered a fellowship, the organization is willing to be the fellow’s employer and the fellow will receive a salary, health insurance, and any fringe benefits that a similarly qualified and experienced attorney at the organization would receive. The organization also agrees to supply and fund the cost of the health insurance and fringe benefits, as well as the difference in salary if it exceeds the Foundation’s $55,000 contribution to the fellow’s salary.

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